Cargo Ports & Excellent Infrastructure

A Connectivity that seamlessly and efficiently webs the needs of the various industries, their supply chains and their valuable product for quick and reliable distribution. What can meet this more than MK Technology Park with its unique 'Centre of the Hubs' location, making it the ideal connection for all directions!


The Strategic Location offering unmatched connectivity being next to the International Airport, close to the Container Depot, near the National Highway and Railway Station, and bang on the State Highway, it seems to be Heaven for Cargo Ports connectivity. Infrastructure is the backbone of the Modern Industry, and we are very aware that the long term success of any business is associated with the Infrastructure that supports it.



MK Technology Park maintains this in its quest to deliver a Modern, Efficient and Sustainable Infrastructure Development by bringing in the World Class Facilities by planning and execution of the development with renowned International Consultancy firm 'SCG Consulting' of Dubai, a Major Commercial and Rental projects Development company

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